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positivity pow wow - let's talk!

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BOOK THIS CALL IF YOU NEED TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!! Guys or gals, ANYONE is encouraged to book this with me! 

Some typical uses for this call are to discuss any of the following concerns or questions:

  • Overwhelmed with work, prep, and responsibilities!

  • Competing while being a parent

  • Concerns with my co-workers and my competing

  • Having relationship issues, strains, fears, concerns, questions, or just need to vent.

  • Diet, training, protocol concerns


  • Should I switch divisions?

  • I am curious about PED's!

  • I am having a really hard time and I feel alone. <3

  • I want to learn about how to become more at peace with myself

  • Career trajectory concerns



disclaimer: I WILL NOT GIVE DIET OR SUPP ADVICE IF NOT COACHED BY ME - BUT I WILL provide you with tools and create an approach for you to use to talk with your coach about any of your concerns. However, I WILL speak up if I hear something harmful or concerning and bring that to your attention, regardless of coach.


I GOT YOU MY DUDE!!! We are all in this together! I am here for you in any way I can be.

$100, 55 minutes
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You gave me a lot of useful advice far beyond posing that helped with everything for my first show. I felt a lot less intimidated about the whole process once I started working with you.

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