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coaching consultation

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On this call we will:
  • Get to know each other! I want to know YOU!

  • Discuss your history, goals, and your WHY

  • Cover any injuries, food sensitivities, or limitations you may have

  • Discuss and determine the approach we will take for your plan

  • Come up with a GAME PLAN for your success We will use all of the information from this call to create YOUR personal and physical transformation plan!


Please use the zoom link below for your chosen consultation time you schedule with me.


Lauren Adams is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 692 240 5710

Passcode: 3n3ZmP

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You gave me a lot of useful advice far beyond posing that helped with everything for my first show. I felt a lot less intimidated about the whole process once I started working with you.

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