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posing consultation

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My goal is to ensure you are OVERLY comfortable, confident, and READY for anything by the time you step on stage!


I will empower you with all you need for the stage, as well as help you see yourself in a new light in LIFE!


I am an expert at coaching and teaching my clients any and all to do with posing or being on stage- from walking in heels for the first time, to polishing Olympian posing routines. I focus on the DETAILS; From correct hand and finger placement, to the exact foot placement; you will have it DOWN by the time you grace the stage.


Transitions, Walking, and WHAT TO DO AT ALL TIMES on stage is covered!


If you are a new bodybuilder learning to do a lat spread for the first time, or a vet needing an upgrade- I got you! If you are a bikini babe that has no idea where to start, or a seasoned competitor needing help with your bikini transitions- I got you! I see all athletes as equals, and everyone gets the fine tooth comb and white glove treatment while under my care. Newbie or Olympian, I ensure you will see yourself as you never have!


On this call we will:

  • Get to know each other!

  • Answer any and all of your questions

  • Come up with a GAME PLAN specific for YOU and YOUR SUCCESS

  • Schedule your sessions!

Gradient Background

You gave me a lot of useful advice far beyond posing that helped with everything for my first show. I felt a lot less intimidated about the whole process once I started working with you.

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