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show day concierge / mom

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  • Scheduling and coordinating any and all show day appointments- you're cc'd! *Show weekend itinerary created for you

  • Direct line to promoter, judges, and all associated parties with questions

  • Introduction to judges and all associated parties 

  • Glam for the athlete if purchased; ensuring on-time for all appointments

  • Branded Emergency Show Day Kit Provided

  • Emergency errand runner / coffee runner :)

  • Ensure coach is happy, athlete on time with meal and instructions, and for the athlete meeting and show arrival

  • Final tan approval and application

  • Final suit positioning approval 

  • Final glam touch ups and approval 

  • Posing run through and final look prior to stage approval 


Backstage support for athlete: 

  • pump-up support / coach support for athlete 

  • pre-stage photos for athlete as needed / for coach 

  • PRAYERS PRIOR TO STAGE for athlete 

  • FRONT ROW “from the floor” posing coaching when athlete is on stage 

  • Get judge’s feedback with athlete, or provide instructions to do so. 


If applicable:

  • Meet athlete at check-ins and will provide introductions and guidance 

  • Meet athlete for first tanning appt if needed $500 per show

  • If booked with a teammate, concessions and discounts can be discussed!*

  • If all shows for your season are purchased upfront, I will take 50$ off per show

$100 deposit

PLEASE - Reach out after booking this service for your show to determine final amount. Price based on geographical location, clients at show, and other specs.

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You gave me a lot of useful advice far beyond posing that helped with everything for my first show. I felt a lot less intimidated about the whole process once I started working with you.

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